We see ourselves very much as the “partners for the life you want.’’

7 ways we can help

. Boosting and securing your retirement income

As independent financial advisers we have no restrctions on the retirement income rates we can secure you from the market. The gap between the best and worst income rates is as much as 40%. The choice you make is for life, you cannot afford to get this decision wrong. Let us make sure you get it right.

2. Reducing your tax losses

Whether you are a private individual or corporate business we can arrange your current financial plans to ensure that you maximise all your current tax allowances. Reducing your tax bill is one of our business objectives and is key to giving your lifestyle a substantial boost. Let us ensure you don't lose your tax allowances.

3. Financial protection for your family and your business

What would happen in you were to became critically ill or even die? It's not as uncommon as you may think. Your family would certainly struggle financially. Your business may fail. We can tailor inexpensive life assurance and income protection plans to remove this uncertainty from your family and your business, this frees you from the worry of “What if?”.

4. Providing real returns for savers

Since March 2009 the Bank of England base rate has been the lowest in history. And with the dual impact of income tax and inflation a Savings Account is currently the only investment that is actually guaranteed to lose you money in real terms. If you are prepared to take a little more risk with your savings we can tailor alternative savings strategies to give you the potential for a financial boost.

5. NHS pensions & benefits can be challenging to fully understand. We know all about that.

Not every financial adviser has our experience in dealing with all the pension rules and regulations that are unique to this sector. We can maximise your benefits and help you avoid losing capital through unnecessary tax payments.

6. Your company employee benefit programme will be an investment, not a cost.

Losing staff unexpectedly will cost a business money. Replacing that staff member compounds this cost even further. Staff retention is key to any successful business, an Employee Benefit Programme will make you stand out from your peers. Pensions, Life Cover, Healthcare, Income Protection, we have vast experience in moulding these benefits in a cost effective, tax efficient manner, that is affordable to you and vastly appreciated by your staff. Stand out from the crowd.

7. We take the pain out of legislation change

Successive governments have almost gone out of their way to make your financial life complicated. It's not uncommon for the tax rules and annual limits to change at every Budget.  Our job is to steer you successfully and profitably through the minefield of all current and future financial legislation changes. Don't lose money by paying tax unnecessarily.