Our aim at all times is to be an essential partner to your business.

Business Protection

Financial Protection - Any prudent business must seek to cover the unexpected. Businesses will have insurance in place for premises, major equipment or vehicles yet be totally exposed by not insuring the key individuals who generate business profits, or by not covering their financial loans and overdrafts.   

Business SuccessionThe health and longevity of a business depends on early succession planning, this approach will increase the likelihood that the business will endure well beyond a leadership transition. All too often it takes place far too close to the actual event resulting in undue financial strain on the trading position of the business. Working in conjunction with the shareholders and considering the company articles of association we will utilise business trust provisions and develop a succession strategy which is both commercial and tax efficient.

Our advice based approach combined with the expertise of lawyers and accountants ensures the business is protected and the commercial succession plan is robustly appropriate.