Let us establish a strategy so you can fully enjoy your retirement.

Annuity Purchase

Currently the gap between the best and worst annuity is as much as 40%.* 

Using your pension fund to purchase an annuity is often the appropriate choice if you are looking for a secure income in retirement.

However an amazing number of people are guaranteed to lose money in retirement by not choosing the best annuity option. Rather than look for the best rate through what's known as open market option they simply settle for the first offer from the holding insurance company - thus losing hundreds and often thousands of pounds.

We review your existing pension and compare this to what's available in the open market, thus ensuring you benefit from the most competitive and appropriate rate. We will outline other annuity options available to you including joint life, escalating income. 

If you do not enjoy the best of health we will explore the market to determine if you can benefit from enhanced terms, even your postcode can affect your annuity income. 

We will ensure you are in a position to make an informed choice appropriate to your circumstances, you can then enjoy the retirement you have worked hard for and deserve.

*source - Kate Palmer, The Telegraph, 12/5/2015