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Drawdown Pension

Flexibility of pension income is often a vital requirement. 

Drawdown Pension will allow you to take the tax free lump sum available from your pension arrangements and then your decide how much pension income you wish to take, and when you want to take it. You may need to control the level of pension income in order to manage the tax that you pay. Or you may simply not require an income for a period.

Drawdown tends to be significantly more flexible than annuity purchase and can be advantageous on untimely death given your spouse can continue to benefit from the drawdown capital remaining in the plan.

However as with all financial planning much will depend on what you are seeking to achieve, what other investments you hold and the degree of risk you are happy to take with this capital. 

Investment of your drawdown pension will be all important as just as outperformance can enhance future income levels so underperformance can lead to reduced income expectation. Our investment service will ensure your overall financial position is reviewed and your appetite for risk established before we determine whether drawdown pension is appropriate for your situation.