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Inheritance Tax Planning

More and more families have been stung by inheritance tax (IHT) in recent years after steep rises in house prices. The IHT paid to the Government is at the highest levels we have seen, and it's unsuspecting middle income familes as well as those with large estates who are losing vasts sums of money to the Treasury.

There are measures which can be put in place to save you thousands of pounds in unneccesary tax. We will combine Will planning, trusts*, gifting assets and the provision of life assurance plans to provide a robust strategy for Inheritance Tax strategy. Indeed your pension position plays an important part in an IHT plan.

If you've already started IHT planning with your lawyer that's fine, we can compliment that plan and, for example, put in place immediate tax saving strategies which are not always available in the legal profession.

We want you to give more to your family and less to the taxman. 


* Trust planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.